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Gutter System

Rhino Construction offers the strongest gutter cleaning system available today. The Flip Clean Gutter System consists of a 5-inch aluminum seamless gutter, a patented durable rust-free aluminum hinge, and a light weight fiberglass extension pole with hook.

Rhino uses the thickest gauge aluminum gutter coil(.032) in producing a standard 5 inch gutter. Both the gutter and down spouts have a baked on enamel paint with a 20 -year warranty against chipping, flaking or peeling.

The Flip Clean Hinge is made of sturdy aluminum that will not rust or bind in any weather condition. No oiling or greasing required. Each hinge is screwed to your home's fascia boards. With an operating track record of over 20 years, the Flip Clean Hinge has proven itself as the strongest gutter hanging device on the market today.

To work the system from the safety of the ground, simply place the adjustable flip extension pole on the top of your gutters and pull. The entire seamless gutter will flip upside down. Using your flip pole, push the upside down gutter back into its original position.

Rhino offers a full range of colors for your gutters and down spouts.